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Lombok Island, Indonesia - The Little-Known Bali Beater

By land, Komodo National Park is an area archipelago painted by arid, savannah-like terrains and a happy house to the largest lizard on earth - the renowned Komodo dragon. By beach, the national park forms the height of the world’s marine padi idc gili trawangan , containing more species of barrier and fish than anywhere else in the world. Mix the 2 in to one amphibious opera, and you have an experience fans dream about! The sole issue is getting there.

All aboard! A revamped, live-aboard pirate ship presented the style while seven eager wayfarers, two jump masters, three captains and one cook offered the means. Luxuries included an “open-air” bathroom, large wooden sunlight terrace, bunk-style resting quarters and, obviously, FOOD - spectacular fruits, freshly found seafood and fresh Indonesian basics baked up by the most effective cooking these seas have actually known.

Sailing east from the Gili Islands, across the northern shores of Lombok and Sumbawa Islands, our first three times at beach found only hanging around and outstanding scuba diving. Less technical in nature, but unparalleled in splendor, each leap presented the ability to sharpen skills in planning for that which was to come.

A container for confused currents, the waters of Komodo National Park are ravaged by whirlpools and fast-moving tides. A navigator’s nightmare and a diver’s ultimate challenge, the moment we breached the park limit there clearly was no returning!

Our jump master’s main disclaimer was easy: “When we attack the water, you’re on your own.” Basically, if the currents swept you from the plunge site, or even a downhill current pulled you further in to the serious, the leap owners were not pursuing. Reassuring, huh?

Adventure Rock, a coral-laden peak relaxing some 80 feet below the outer lining, was the best of the dive series. Doing what’s named an adverse access, as soon as we broke the aquatic airplane, a vigorous downhill swimming was required. Tough currents and bad presence did their finest to confuse my ancestry, but following a few minutes of energetic swimming and hurried equalization, I found your website!


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